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About Us

USA Golden Vision Inc offers you the most complete solution to wholesale, private label and OEM nutritional supplements. (as health supplements, dietary supplements, health foods) As one of the largest private label and OEM vitamin manufacturers, we are able to provide OEM contract manufacturing services and private labeling services for vitamins and herbal supplements in capsules, tablets, softgels forms. We also can take care your creams and lotions private label needs. Let us take care of all the details: from label design to OEM custom formulation to bottling and even fulfillment.

USA Golden Vision Inc. was established in 2001 and the company is located at Los Angeles, California. We have the following products for vitamin wholesale in the world market:

Quick slim 30 weight loss formula (wholesale)
Golden blossom breast enhancement formula (wholesale & private label)
Golden blossom breast enhancement cream (wholesale & private label)
Max golden rod male enhancement (wholesale)
Max golend rod male enhancement spray (wholesale)
Joint helper 90 tablets (wholesale & private label)
Goldvitamins goji extract capsules (wholesale & private label)
Goldvitamins grape seed extract 100mg (wholesale & private label)
Goldvitamins co-q-10 60mg (wholesale & private labeling)
Goldvitamins flax seed oil 1000mg (wholesale & private labeling)
Sunrecome-- alternative cancer treatment

(Vitamin distributors are welcome to contact us. Good opportunities for home-based business, online stores and ebay stores for extra products. Drop shipping is available.)

For private label and OEM bulk products, USA Golden Vision is able to offer the following softgels in bulk and private label as one of the leading softgel and private label vitamins manufacturers.

Vitamin A 10, 000 iu fish liver oils (private label softgel & bulk & Wholesale)
Beta carotene 10, 000 iu vitamin a (private label softgel & bulk & wholesale)
Beta carotene 25, 000 iu vitamin a (private label sofgel & bulk & wholesale)
Calcium 500 mg with d 50 iu (calcium carbonate) (private label softgel & bulk & wholesale)
Calcium 200 mg with a 275 iu & d 60 iu (calcium carbonate) (private label softgel & bulk & wholesale)
Lutein 6 mg / 20 mg, natural lutein (private label softgel & bulk & wholesale)
Lycopene 5 mg / 10 mg softgel (private label softgel & bulk & wholesale)
Vitamin e 100iu, 200 iu, 400 iu, 1000 iu both natural and synthetic (private label softgel & bulk & wholesale)
Cod liver oil a 1250 iu / d 135 iu (private label softgel & bulk & wholesale)
Cod liver oil a 2664 iu / d 200 iu (private label & bulk & wholesale)
Omega-3 EPA fish oil 1000mg 180 EPA 120 dha (private label softgel & bulk & wholesale)
Salmon fish oil 500 mg / 1000 mg with EPA & dha (private label softgel & bulk & wholesale)
Organic flax seed oil 1000mg, cold pressed (private label & bulk & wholesale)
Organic high lighan flaxseed oil 1000mg, cold pressed (private label & bulk & wholesale) Odorless garlic oil 500mg, 1000mg (private label softgel & bulk & wholesale)
Evening primrose oil 500mg / 1000mg 9% gla, cold pressed (private label softgel & bulk & wholesale)
Bilberry fruits 1000mg softgel (private label & bulk & wholesale)
Aloe vera gel 5000mg softgel (private label & bulk & wholesale)
Lecithin 1000 mg (private label & bulk & wholesale)
Cranberry concentrate 140 mg with vitamin c 100mg (private label & bulk & wholesale) Triple strength cranberry 420 mg (private label & bulk & wholesale)
Pumpkin seed oil 1000mg, cold pressed (private label & bulk & wholesale)
Ginkgo biloba 60mg, 100mg 24% , 6% standardized extract (private label & bulk & wholesale)
Saw palmetto 80mg, 160mg, STD. Ext 85% -95% fatty acids (private label & bulk & wholesale)
Oil of oregano 10. 1 150mg (private label & bulk & wholesale)
Silymarin milk thistle 1000mg (private label & bulk & wholesale)
Valerian root 1000mg (private label & bulk & wholesale) Blueberry extract ( private label & bulk & wholesale)
Echinacea/Goldenseal ( private label & bulk & wholesale)
Bee propolis (private label & bulk & wholesale)

USA Golden Vision Inc. also provides softgel custom formulations for clients. Here is the details for service of custom formulation run:

Private label and OEM vitamins and nutritional supplement tablets
Minimum: 60, 000 tablets,
Lead time: 3 weeks

Vitamin and herbal supplements capsules
Minimum: 50, 000 capsules
Lead time: 2-3 weeks

Minimum 200, 000 softels,
Lead time: 6-8 weeks.

Lotion and cream:
Minimum: 2000 bottles
Lead time: 3-4 weeks.

We can source cosmetic jars and bottles with silk screening. We are able to do label design, label printing and even fulfillment. Please contact USA Golden Vision Inc. for all your vitamin and skin care needs.


USA Golden Vision Inc.
2211 S Hacienda Blvd. Suite 100H
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Tel: 626-593-5288 ; Fax: 626-628-3406

Email: info@usagoldenvision.com

$5.95 shipping charge will be added to all orders.
Sales tax will be added to California shipments.



Disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these products.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Copyright © 2006 USA Golden Vision Inc.



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